Mexico City With 9 Million People, Joins China By Enacting New Ban on Single-use Plastics and Straws in 2021

In Mexico City, after more than a year of behind-the-scenes work, a ban on single-use containers, cutlery, straws, cups, stirrers and other popular but disposable items has come into effect.

Mexico City’s environmental secretary explained on Twitter that the capital will now be a place “without single-use plastics,” and urged citizens to think of reusable containers as something they never leave the home without—just like they might do with cell phones.

Lawmakers in the city actually passed the single-use plastics ban in 2019: a year in which the city was producing 13,000 tons of garbage a day, according to Mexico City’s environmental agency.

The city, which has a population of around 9 million, saw the ban on single-use plastic bags come into effect last year.

Since then, business owners have been preparing for the ban on other day-to-day disposable items.

Coronavirus guidelines notwithstanding, tortillas at street stalls should now be wrapped in the paper that a buyer has—hopefully—remembered to bring with them.

The Mexican capital isn’t the only populous place to enact such a ban in recent months. China is also aiming to reduce plastic pollution by moving towards using biodegradable alternatives to single-use plastic straws and bags.