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Conditions Of Use


1. The La Decay mailorder & Bat-Cave Prod. record label has been established to support the batcave / deathrock / wave / post-punk / gothic / experimental independent underground music scene. We mainly order CD’s, LP’s, magazines, t-shirts, pins, patches, clothing and other related merchandise, all in the way of the DIY ethics (all merchandise we produce on demand). We are located in Poland.

2. All products can only be ordered directly via page.

3. Payment options: PayPal only

4. Delivery time may depend on stock availability, or the amount of time needed for us to order the specified product or produce them for request (yes – this is DIY) if it is out of stock. Estimated delivery time can be found in the product overview.

5. Deliveries are made by Polish Post and service cost depends on company’s current pricelist. The delivery methods are as follows: priority registered letter – it’s registered letters so there is no option that it get lost. We ship worldwide! If your country is not mentioned during ordering procedure just simply contact us – we will fix it!

6. In case the ordered product is physically damaged or defective in any other way, contact us via contact form up to 14 days after receiving the merchandise.

7. La Decay guarantees to provide its customers with their current order status by email.

8. If your desired product is not aviable in our mailorder catalogue, ask us. We will see if we can help to get it…

9. If parcel with order hasn’t been collected by customer and return to us then we will notify customer about this fact (providing tracking number). Customer will be charged re-shipping cost.