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Welcome to La Decay mailorder!

In our catalog you can find a lot of batcave, deathrock, post-punk, coldwave, gothic, gothabilly, horror punk, synth punk and other similar weird music genres CDs. If you can’t find something in our catalog then just contact with us and we will see if we can get it for you!

Furthermore you can find here also many more other diy products: pins, zines, t-shirts and other stuff related with our favourite music. Our offer is still expanding!

We are also waiting for your propositions! If your band looking for distribution also feel free to get in touch with us! Contact with us via our contact form!

Create and support our music scene, attend gigs and festivals, buy music albums, spread the disease and have a lot of fun!


We are on vacation till 1st April 2017 – all delayed orders will be shipped after this date (with small bonus). Sorry for delay.